Dragon Gate Chi Gong Daoyin Therapy

  >>> Development of Dragon Gate Chi Gong Daoyin Therapy - - -

The development of Chi Gong & Daoyin Therapy is a long process. 
Its written records dated back 3 thousand years. 

The oldest record is “Chi Therapy Techniques”.  It was engraved on a jade stone with a total of 45 characters.  There were also more than 40 drawings of Daoyin Therapy dating back 2 thousand years.  It was also recorded in both written and illustration forms in the oldest, the most respected and the greatest medical book “The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine ” and many other books of medicine, meditation & martial arts. 

There is no doubt that the use of Chi Gong & Daoyin Therapy by both government officials and ordinary people for meditation and ailment treatment started a long time ago in ancient China. 

However, it has relatively a short history in Australia.  Nevertheless, It has shown great effects in meditation and ailment treatment and has been deeply felt and accepted by many Australians.  They have benefited from it and they are passing it on to more and more people.