Dragon Gate Chi Gong Daoyin Therapy

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Master Tao successfully treated me for internal organ malfunction and helped me to relieve a spinal problem which has been plaguing me for many years. His gentle treatments contributed greatly to my overall health, well being and peace of mind.

He also provided authentic instruction in the methods of Dragon Gate chi kung.

I am a chi kung teacher and practitioner, certified to teach in two separate systems. I have travelled to the USA,UK and China for treatment and instruction. In all of my travels, I have not found anyone who can offer the high level of skill that Master Tao has.

D. C.

I first met Dawson about two years ago. After seeing all kinds of specialists in Western Medicine, Natural Therapies and Traditional Chinese Medicine, by chance I read about Dawsons' method of Taoist Chi-Gong Therapy. Because it was totally different to any of the previous methods I had been exposed to, I decided to give it a try. Within only a handful of sessions I was off my medication and have since been symptom free of my previous condition.

Several of my friends have also experienced similar successful results from Dawsons' treatments. Dawson truly offers a unique form of Chinese healing which has been kept within his own family lineage for centuries and some of us have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience this wonderful Chinese treasure.

G. C.

Before seeing Dawson we suffered at the hands of various ailments, which we have tried to manage with conventional western medicine for a number of years without success. Our symptoms included loss of energy, digestive problems, back and neck pain and mild arthritis. Since we began our course of study and treatment with Dawson, we have both made significant and steady progress towards complete health. We are no longer reliant on the public health system to maintain our general well being. Dawson has instructed us in an ancient and unique healing/teaching system that will continue to encourage good health hopefully for the rest of our lives, if we are able to complete subsequent levels of instruction, beyond the short introductory course we completed at the CAE.

Dawson is a 14* generation therapist who teaches the unique Dragon Gate Chi Gong Yin Therapy. He is the first person in Australia to introduce this potent form of therapy. We are honoured to receive his instruction and treatment.

C. M.

I have been receiving treatment from Dawson for the last few years now. Through this treatment, I have also learnt a great deal. Dawson has been kind enough to demonstrate and pass on some of his knowledge of Taoist Chi Gong techniques. As a martial arts instructor, I have also implemented some of these techniques in my class format. A great number of my students have informed me that these techniques alone have greatly improved and benefited their health.

I have travelled overseas, throughout China and Hong Kong, and have never encountered such a unique healing system.

B. C.

In mid 2002 I was fortunate to have found out about a unique ancient therapy Chi Gong taught-by Master Dawson, that would increase my well being by learning such excersises that would ultimately be self heating in many ways.

Being open to alternative health remedies, I was instantly drawn to Dawson for the truly intelligent and beautiful person that he IS.

He has amazing teaching skills and abilities and an extensive knowledge about tho human body and it's workings, thus his ability to heal in his unique way, which I'd never experienced before. Along with completing three levels of Chi Gong, I have also seeked personal healing with Dawson on several occasions.

I have found his method of treatment to be powerful and true and I can honestly say and feel that it has changed my life physically, mentally and emotionally on all levels, in such a short time span.

Chi Gong Dao Yin Therapy is now part of my daily life thanks to Dawsons' teachings and treatments.

I now am a more happier, healthier, stronger person with a far more positive outlook on life and believe his methods have of alternative health have brought huge benefits to a lot of peoples lives and the general community.


Xiang Lin Pao has been a tutor at the Centre for Adult Education's short course program since May 2002. He has been involved in teaching the Chi Gong - Dragon Gate Style course which is offered to the general public throughout the year. This course forms an important part of the CAE's successful Wellbing program. .

In my capacity as program manager at the CAE, I have been associated with Master Pao in the planning and evaluation of the course. I have been impressed by his warmth and enthusiasm and his deep and thorough knowledge of the subject area.

The CAE values Master Pao's commitment to teaching adults. Student evaluations rate him and his wife Lucy Dawson (who acts as his interpreter) highly on several indicators, for example:

“I received many health benefits from the course.”

“They were skilled in imparting knowledge and techniques to students to help them with their health.”

“Lucy and Dawson created a friendly, comfortable environment for students to learn.”

“Both had a very caring and supportive attitude.”

“They were very inspiring. I really enjoyed the course.”

I am happy to commend Xiang Lin Pao to you. I look forward to his return to teaching at the CAE.

J. F.

I saw Dawson on a number of occasions late last year, for treatment in relation to ongoing headaches and a general lack of vitality. Dawson has used techniques (namely Chi Gong) to resolve these headaches, and has also resolved a few other physical issues that I had accepted as a part of my life for many years, having been told by doctors that the aches and pains were normal. He has also taught me valuable techniques and exercises so that I am able to maintain my newly found good health by myself.

The techniques that Dawson uses are Eastern methodologies that are not easily available in

Australia. As a student in Kinesiology I work with many eastern methodologies, and am surprised how difficult it is to find Chi Gong practitioners in Australia. Dawson has the equivalent of a very high level of qualification, in that the practice of the techniques he uses is something that is handed down through generations in his country, and is learnt over a long period of time. This is not something that is often done in Australia. Chi Gong exercises can be learnt, copied and taught, but the techniques that are used by a Master are greatly different and require much higher skill and experience. Dawson's techniques and knowledge have been passed down to him over 14 generations.... giving him experience and knowledge that is difficult to replicate.

S. L.

I've had various health issues which have inconvenienced me for years, and it is only through the application Mr Tao's specialised, rare talents and expertise have I actually noticed dramatic improvements in my health, where other forms of both conventional and alternative medicines have failed.

I have tried various health professionals, but have never encountered anyone with the knowledge and training of Mr Tao in his field of Chi Gong. I do not believe I could find anyone in Melbourne with his talents and skills able to help me with my health concerns.

D. C.

My father, Lou first heard of Xiang Lin about a year ago through past patients at our martial arts club and was told of his way of natural therapy, before this I had never heard of this sort of therapy and therefore was a bit doubtful

After my father's appointment I decided to have my first appointment with him, all doubt was washed away. Before I had the chance to say what i was there for he was able to tell me what parts of my body had problems and what action I can take to fix my problems. Not only did he find problems I knew I had, he was able to te!! me problems that will become aparent in the future (eg. back problem:, Xiang Lin's therapy involves finding the root of the problem Instead of curing the symptoms, this is something that your regular GP wouldn't be able to help you with. In my experience with him he has shown great knowledge of how the body works and how one problem can relate to other problems. What he has shown me has been of great importance for my health and wellbeing, his treatment has given me more energy than what I had previous.

I.   K.  

Mr Xianglintao had been providing valuable treatment to our children who suffer from severe Cerebral Palsy.

The treatment Mr Tao provides is unique as he is a fourteenth generation healer and the results noted while our children were receiving treatment were remarkable and have not been achieved from various other therapies we have tried.

B. T.

I met Mr Tao after a friend recommended him to me for treatment. I have now known him for 3 years. I had a chronic problem with my spine and neck after I was hit by a car whilst a pedestrian in 1985. I sustained a fractured pelvis and cervical spine injuries. I suffered with on going pain and discomfort. I had attended chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and had regular massages, in an attempt to maintain a level of health. In spite of this, I still had episodes of intense pain where I sometimes had to take time off work.

I attended Mr Tao for treatment and over the next few weeks I experienced a tremendous improvement in my well being. His specialized treatment, knowledge and instructions with specific exercises for my problems, which he taught me over a period of a few months, have had a fantastic result on my physical, mental and emotional well being.

To illustrate how Mr Tao's treatment has changed my life is to give you an example:

As a 58 year old woman, in August 2002, I was able to do a 700 km trek across the north of France and into Spain “The Santiago De Compostella” known as the CAMINO, where I averaged from 25-35 km per day over 5 weeks. During and after this strenuous walk, which included going up into the Pyrenees, I did not suffer any strains, sprains or injury and maintained my specialised exercise regime. I could not in my wildest dreams have felt that this was possible after the orthopaedic surgeon had told me in the hospital after my accident that I had the spine of an 80 year old woman, due to wear and tear caused by my nursing career. As a result of Mr Tao's specialised treatment I have recommenced full time employment.

N. N.

I was introduced to Mr Tao by a mutual friend at a time when I had severe spinal problems and had been referred to an orthopedic surgeon in order that he assess whether surgery was necessary, in order to alleviate the pain that I had been enduring for almost ten years.

I initially attended Mr Tao for an assessment, and as a result commenced a rehabilitation program.

I have made enormous progress as a result of his skill and expertise, through methods not generally available in Australia.

Mr Tao is an extremely talented man, and his expertise quite unique.

M. K.