Dragon Gate Chi Gong Daoyin Therapy

  >>> What is Dragon Gate Chi Gong Daoyin Therapy? - - -

In order to get more and more people to understand and practice Chi Gong & Daoyin Therapy, as the 14th Generation Master of Dragon Gate Chi Gong Daoyin Therapy, I am glad to give a brief introduction here about Chi Gong & Daoyin Therapy and its theory and methods of treatment & provention on ailment and sickness.

Dragon Gate Chi Gong Daoyin Therapy is similar with traditional Chinese Chi Gong & Daoyin Therapy.  It mainly uses breathing techniques, body movements, mind control and language expression.  The food we eat and the oxygen we breath in will react with each other to form chemical compounds.  Our aim is to transform as much of those compounds as possible into super fine matters that are required by our bodies for maintaining or sustaining our lives. 

This super fine matter is the so called “Jing” (essence of life).  When our bodies require nutrient and energy, “Jing” will automatically transformed into “Chi” and will coordinate and lead the nutrient and energy to the body part that needs them. 

Therefore we can see that “Jing” and “Chi” are the super fine matters in our bodies that are the most important to us.  They are the matters responsible for the orderly flow of nutrient and energy in our bodies. 

“Jing” & “Chi” both exist in our bodies.  They constantly compensate for each other and transform into each other.  They exist as “Jing” when static and change into “Chi” on movement.  When there is more “Jing” and less “Chi”, “Jing” transform into “Chi” and when there is more “Chi” and less “Jing”, “Chi” concentrates into “Jing”.  When both “Jing” & Chi” are ample, “Chi” automatically concentrate into “Jing” that are stored in our body organs and between pressure points for future use.  Most of “Jing” is stored in kidney. 

Therefore, the more “Jing” and “Chi” in our body, the stronger and healthier we would be, and we would be more vigorous and less susceptible to diseases, sickness and ailment.  Most important of all, we would live longer.  Those are the reasons why more and more people are now practice Chi Gong & Daoyin Therapy.

Some people don't understand that circulation of blood and body fluid does not only depend on heart, kidney & spleen.  A h uman body is 100 times heavier than the human heart.  The blood vessels in a human body are more than 20,000 kilometres long.  Heartbeat is not enough to maintain the blood circulation in this huge network.  The blood circulation, therefore, cannot work without the guidance and the push power of Chi. 

Even if the blood circulation is the results of heartbeat and blood vessel contraction, how does our kidney filter the blood? How does spleen send nutrient and energy to various body parts? 

So I believe that all circulations in our bodies are mainly aided by Chi.  Chi is the origin of our lives and is the source of all energy for our bodies.  Without Chi, our lives will come to ends.  The Chinese say: “The only thing that a living man has and the dead man doesn't is Chi (breath) ”.

Chi can guide and maintain our circulation systems in our bodies.  It exits in the semi-visible meridian system like the nervous systems in our bodies.  This system is for the Chi to circulate and is far larger than the nervous system. 

The oldest, the most respected and the greatest medical book in China is “The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine ”.  It is the greatest because it discovered the meridian system in human bodies, a system that carries the movement of the source of all energy – Chi.  All the theories and principles of Chinese medicine are based on the meridian system.  There would be no Chinese medicine without the meridian system.

I call the meridian system as a semi-visible system, because the meridian theory has been around for over 2 thousand years.  It has only been scientifically proven in the late 70's or early 80's in the 20th century. 

As far as I know, the prove of existence of meridian system in human bodies was first officially reported by a reporter named Jun Feng who worked for the authorized government newspaper “People's Daily”.  He reported that China Atomic Energy Science Research Institute, High Energy Physics Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science, China Anhui Chinese Medical Hospital and other research institutes had injected large radioactively marked organic molecules into the 4 largest meridians in human body. Through the monitoring and measurement of the movement of those molecules, they had discovered there are matters and information movement along the meridians in a lineer way.  The movement is periodical, frequent and with wavelength, and they move in pulses.  The meridian itsself is membrane like matters composed of body fluid, tiny blood veins and body tissues.  It exits between muscles.  It is the membrane surrounding the muscles.  It exists separately from but circling around blood vessels and nerves.  It exists in areas with more body fluid and micro blood veins.  It is a more fundimental system in our bodies.

The above report has shown the existence of meridians in our bodies.  It is membrane like matters with periodical movement along them.  However, I believe that because of the limitations of the scientific techniques and most of those scientists who operated those measuring machines has limited or no understanding about and limited or no experience and practice of Chi Gong & Daoyin Therapy, it is not yet possible to demonstrate that meridians not only exist surrounding the blood vessels and nerves, they also exist surrounding body fluid cavities and within all the vessels and nervous systems, even within bones.  May be only because its existence within those parts that it has super power over our lives.  It is only a matter of time and it will be proven with the rapid development of science.

Now we know the meridian system carries Jing & Chi in our bodies.  Our immune ability, disease resistance ability, self healing ability, strength rejuvenation, recovery & digestion systems are all depend on the meridian system to transport Jing & Chi for their nutrient & energy needs.  When one was sick and could not recover, we would know that meridians to the sick part is blocked.  That body part can not get enough nutrient and energy and therefore resulted in function failure or dead tissues.  If we could use some methods or techniques to unblock the meridians, Jing & Chi could pass and nutrient & energy would be transported to the sick part.  When the sick part had enough nutrient & energy, it should be able to resume its normal function and the sickness should be gone in no time with full body recovery to follow.  And this is the secret of Chi Gong & Daoyin Therapy's ability for healing the very sick, and some terrible & hard to cure sicknesses. 

Dragon Gate Chi Gong Daoyin Therapy relies right on these healing principles and is able to give our followers and patients healthy bodies in very short periods of time.  For example, a person with high blood pressure only need to perform 1 or 2 simple routines, and in about 3-5 minutes, his/her blood pressure would drop by 10-30.  A patient with heart problems only need to perform 1 or 2 routines, and in about 3-5 minutes, his/her heartbeats and breath would return to normal.  A person with a headache or a person with a back pain would only need a few minutes of massage to get ride of the pains.

Dragon Gate Chi Gong Daoyin Therapy is simple and easy to learn.  It takes a short time with fast effects.  It has corresponding routines for most of the patients.  One routine can be used to treat many problems.  With consistent practice, one can not only increase physical strength and think faster, but also be able to pass the skills to others.  For the very sick, apart from self-meditation, a Chi Gong Master is also necessary to pass on external Chi to the patient for the unblocking of meridians.  Together with Chi massage to cleans the the poisons out of the patient's body, the external Chi injection from the Master would also speed up the recovery.  Because the method used by Dragon Gate Chi Gong Daoyin Therapy has always been for the whole body, whenever a patient is healed from the most severe sickness, other minor sicknesses in that patient are also healed in the same process.  This is the proudest part of Dragon Gate Chi Gong Daoyin Therapy.

If you are interested in knowing more about Dragon Gate Chi Gong Daoyin Therapy, you are most welcome to come to our various levels of classes.  If you need treatment, please come and we will give you the health you want.